Used in order to purchase items on the fly. In order to see what items are available you can use '!resupply list'.

Example 100 mana potions

!resupply mana potion, 100


Used in order to activate or deactivate the hazard boss.

  • !hazardboss on (default)
  • !hazardboss off


Used in order to change your hazard level on the fly. In order to see all available hazards you can use '!hazardlevel list'

Example Darashia Minotauers

  • !hazardlevel darashia minos, 10

Which sets the hazard level to 10.

  • !hazardlevel darashia minos, 0

Which deactivates the hazard feature.


Used to teleport to temple. Only usable every 60 minutes when you are out of combat and not pz-locked.


Refill your rings and amulets with silver tokens.


  1. You must have 2 items of the same type in order to exchange
  2. The other item you desire must be within the same tier
  3. Base success rate of the exchange is 50%
  4. You will be able to pay a tribute fee in order to increase this by 10% to 50%
  5. If you fail you will get a random item from the same tier

!itemexchange list

List all tiers and which items are included in the tier

!itemexchange tributefees

List all tiers and how much the tribute cost per 10% increase success rate

!itemexchange offered item, desired item, tribute count

Exchanges 2 of the offered items for a chance to get the desired item.


  • !itemexchange cobra sword, cobra wand (50% success)
  • !itemexchange cobra sword, cobra wand, 2 (70% success for 2x tribute fee)
  • !itemexchange cobra sword, cobra wand, 5 (100% success for 5x tribute fee)


Opens the exalation forge menu.