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2/27/2024, 5:46:12 PM Update and fixes Published by Mehra Admin

New stuff hitting the server after tomorrow server save:

  • New talkaction "!forge" opens the forge menu wherever you are
  • Store items purchased from the store are now movable. Items purchased previously must be swapped by GM. Please let GM know items you want to swap, e.g., Bone Fiddle.
  • Increased mana spent using wand of vorted and snakebite rod from 1 to 80 in order for mages to afk train

Mehra Admin

2/23/2024, 11:32:22 PM New hazard areas and minorupdates! Published by Mehra Admin

New Hazard areas

  • Carnivoras
  • Issavi surface (south only for now)
  • Glooth bandits
  • Buried Cathedral
  • Inquisition (Dark Torturer seal only)

Other changes

  • Lowered global cd on utito tempo
  • Added more runes to !refill
  • Increased Cobra hazard to entire island

Mehra Admin

2/20/2024, 8:16:02 PM New event type! Published by Mehra Admin

This weekend a new event will hit the world of Mehra! For bosses that drops reward chests the loot rate will be TRIPLED ! Following that, every weekend will have a peristent double loot event.

Make sure to go kill as many bosses as you can together!

Mehra Admin

2/19/2024, 6:07:33 PM Fixes, updates and features Published by Mehra Admin
  • Dire Penguin now has 5 kills to complete charm points
  • Added new NPC to leveling where you can sell all items (kudos to Ted for helping me!)
  • New characters will now spawn in Thais
  • Fiending and influenced creatures will now appear from the custom hazard pods !!BEWARE!!
  • Increased probability of hazard boss to 1 in 300 (up from 1 in 400). Note: this is live already

Updates and features will be live after tomorrows server save.

Mehra Admin

2/15/2024, 5:55:36 PM Events & Updates Published by Mehra Admin


The following events has been scheduled

  1. 2024-02-16 to 2024-02-18: 50% exp and spawn rate increase
  2. 2024-03-01 to 2024-03-03: 50% loot and skill rate increase


  • Added teleport to Soulwars
  • Influenced and fiendish creatures will give 25% bonus exp per level
  • Added missing items from yasir sell table
  • Decreased pvp damage

Mehra Admin