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4/14/2024, 2:47:53 PM More updates! Published by Mehra Admin
  • Added more uber bosses
  • Chance for harder uber bosses scale even more with monster health
  • Chance for uber boss scale with hp of enemy past a certain hp treshold
  • Added hazard in leveling tower since new players tends to go there (so they can experience the hazard function)

Mehra Admin

4/13/2024, 11:09:14 PM Fixes and Maintenance Published by Mehra Admin


  • Druids ring is now refilled to correct version [fix]
  • Druid Eternal Winter damage boost gem [fix, need server maintenance]
  • Lowered speed on Heip [balance]
  • Lowered damage on some Heip abilities [balance]

Planned server maintenance

We will have server maintenance in order to deploy a fix to druid gems. Scheduled during tomorrow morning. Will announce 15-30 minutes before. Anticipated downtime is 5-10 minutes.

Mehra Admin

4/11/2024, 7:54:44 PM Balance fix and new feature Published by Mehra Admin


  • Increased damage of Eternal Winter by 20% [balance]
  • Increased damage of Strong Ice Wave by 30% - 40% [balance]
  • Increased damage of Twin Burst by 20% [balance]
  • Added Bosspoints to all custom tasks [feature]

Planned update

  • Use bosspoints to open uber boss portals [feature]

Mehra Admin

4/10/2024, 8:39:11 PM Updates Published by Mehra Admin
  • Added Hazard to Soulwars
  • Increased size of exeta res to make it more reliable
  • Added grand sanguine items to bag you covet
  • Lowered drop chance of bag you covet from Hellchaser Heip

Mehra Admin

4/8/2024, 7:47:08 PM Update and fixes Published by Mehra Admin
  • Party buffs lasts 30 minutes
  • Buffs from Mastermind, Berserk and Bullseye potion lasts 30 minutes
  • Fixed an issue where pods spawned too often in rookgard
  • Fixed an issue with uber boss timers
  • Fixed an issue with hazard portals spawning too close

Mehra Admin