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11/26/2023, 9:20:50 PM Update Published by Mehra Admin

We had a couple of crashes this weekend. Sorry for that! I think it may have been that the server lost internet connection. I have moved the server to a more stable location now so this hopefully wont happen again. In order to compensate I am planning to have a server event either the next or the following weekend and have a couple of new features live for the hazard areas.

Here are the updates that will come after tomorrows server save

  • All Hot Cuisine items are now available in the game shop for 30 TC (
  • Fixed imbuement issue for eldritch hood/cowl

Thank you for playing on Mehra!

11/22/2023, 8:17:43 PM Update Published by Mehra Admin

Following last days changes we encountered some issues. I have since then worked to fix these.

Following fixes have been made:

  • Fixed an issue causing players hazard level not to increase after a boss kill
  • Fixed an issue where containers where stored in the stash

The following updates/features have also been made:

  • It is now possible to opt out of hazard, i.e., setting hazard level to 0
  • Asura mirror has been added as an Hazard Zone


11/21/2023, 8:59:55 PM Update, Fixes and Features Published by Mehra Admin

Hey all!

Following tomorrows server save we are introducing the following:

  • Wand of Vortex replenishes mana spent
  • Snakebite Rod replanishes mana spent
  • Beginning ammunition such as arrows, bolts and spears are not consumed
  • Items with charges now drop with the correct amount of charges
  • Stash move items should be fixed so you can drag a backpack to the stash
  • Tuned prison hazard area (lowered exp a bit and decreased boss spawn)

These changes allow mages and paladins to utilize the training area similar to knights.


11/17/2023, 3:16:32 PM Rapid respawn event is live! Published by Mehra Admin

From today and throughout the weekend the spawn rate will be 2x the normal spawn rate.


11/15/2023, 9:43:07 PM Fixes and Weekend event Published by Mehra Admin

There was an unintended feature that slipped through the previous update that caused monsters to spawn every 30 seconds instead of the intended interval. This will be fixed following tomorrows server reset.

However, I have received some good feedback on the spawn rate, so therefore we will have a double spawn rate event this weekend!