Hazard Areas

Custom areas have been introduced to the game with the hazard functionality.

The following areas have hazard levels:

  • Ankrahmun mother scarabs
  • Asura Mirror
  • Banuta
  • Court of Summer and Winter
  • Darashia minotaurs
  • Darashia Wyrms
  • Edron hero cave
  • Ferumbras ascension (only Grimeleech)
  • Flimsy (Venore TP only)
  • Goroma demons
  • Prison
  • Cobra basement
  • Falcon basement
  • Ingol
  • Carnivoras
  • Issavi surface (south only for now)
  • Glooth bandits
  • Buried Cathedral
  • Inquisition (Dark Torturer seal only)

While killing enemies in these zones different bosses can spawn. Kill the boss and you can increase your hazard level (similar to tibia). After hazard level 4 custom hazard pods will spawn that will greatly impact the spawn!